Random 500 Errors?

(Tomer S) #1

I have an OAuth application up and running and sometimes I get infrequent complains and screenshots of a 500 error popping up when trying to complete a payment. However, most payments go through most of the times, and even sometimes of the afflicted users in their past payments.
Any suggestions as to where to look or why this might be occurring sporadically?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Tomer_S, If the 500s are coming from Dwolla, do you have the response body and/or response headers for the request(s) that returned a 500? Is this only occurring when calling the API to send money? Which version of the API are you using and what endpoints are you calling that are returning errors? Thanks!

(Tomer S) #3

Thanks for the response, Spencer!
I unfortunately don’t have the response body or headers for these occurrences. This is only happening when trying to send money. It looks like it’s coming from the TransfersApi when I create a transfer using the PHP library. I’m using ‘dwollaswagger’ ‘~1.0’.
Hope that helps!

(Tomer S) #4

@spencer, I have come upon a more detailed 500 error! I got the response ‘Invalid funding source’ under ‘ValidationError’ and am not sure what that means entirely since there was definitely a link to a funding-source in this request. Any thoughts on this? More information I can provide?

(Spencer Hunter) #5

@Tomer_S, These seem to be a HTTP 400 errors. Can you include the request body for the request that resulted in this error? It also may be helpful to enable the debug flag on the swagger client to help with debugging the error response.

Invalid funding source typically refers to: A funding source that is not in a verified state or a funding source that has been removed.

(Tomer S) #6

What does ‘verified’ state mean? The sources being used are simply bank accounts that have been added by the users. How do the users get from unverified to a verified state?