Fetching dwolla account funding sources giving fetch error on production environment with reason Socket hang up


I have making transfers on production and for that I fetch dwolla account (dwolla master accounts) and get get funding source from there, At the time of fetch my account funding sources, I am getting this error
FetchError: request to https://api.dwolla.com/accounts/account-id-here/funding-sources failed, reason: socket hang up.

Same is working fine on sandbox.

Please help in that regard.

Please update on this ASAP!

Hi @Zubaria , do you have the account ID of the account you’re attempting to fetch a list of funding sources for? As an aside, this looks like an error from a library you’re using and not an error from the API. Are you using a Dwolla supported SDK or a third party REST client?

This is the account ID 6b8b2565-cc9f-48a3-8e11-e1a28b8f4b3b using to fetch funding sources. I am using dwolla-v2 SDK and it is supported by Dwolla.

@Zubaria , Apologies, I am not seeing anything abnormal about your API traffic that would result in connection issues // timeouts. Is this a repeated error and have you done some additional debugging on your end?


It is a repeated error, I have debugged on sandbox, everything related to transfers working perfectly fine in sandbox but on production it is throwing errors.
Errors that I am facing are threaded in the topic.

Can you please also help me in regard to call dwolla api through the postman from the production url? Which authorization token I need to give there. In production, there is no option to create a token as we have in sandbox. I tried with Bearer Base64(client-key:client-secret) as given in the documentation. But not working.

Also, could you please confirm the reason why every customer on my account puts into retry state and then have to verify again, as customers are providing DOB and last 4 digit SSN.

This is all related to production.