Authorize to Retrieve Balance

Trying to retrieve a funding source balance via the API. Am able to receive a response from:


but when I request the balance path, I get a not authorized message:

Exception: {“code”=>“Forbidden”, “message”=>“The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource.”}

How can I authorize my API keys to access these resources?

Hi @Stephen_Donahue, that may be due to the funding-source being a Bank and not a Dwolla Balance. The API only supports retrieving the Balance of a Dwolla Balance.

If it is, in fact, a Balance funding-source that you were trying to retrieve the balance of, for which you getting the errors, please let us know!

@shreya - So what I am hearing here is that using the API, I cannot get a balance from a bank account that is not a Dwolla FBO account. Is that true?

If it is, then, what happens if I attempt to do an ACH transaction from a non-dwolla account and there are not enough funds in it to transfer out?

Also, when I am in the sandbox dashboard, for the non-dwolla bank account, I cannot determine how much is in it. I can only see the transactions that supposedly put money in that account.

Hi @dgreenly - That’s correct. We don’t have the ability to fetch an external bank account’s Balance in the API.

If a transfer is made from a bank account that doesn’t have insufficient funds, it would fail with an R01 ACH return after it has been exported from Dwolla. These return codes are documented in our Developer Docs along with the actions Dwolla takes upon receiving them. You can also test these transfer failure scenarios in Sandbox.

For the Dwolla Balance in you Sandbox Master Account, you should be able to view the total Balance in the Dashboard and also via the API.

Here’s a screenshot of the Dwolla Balance in the Dashboard -