Can't create funding source - dwolla.fundingSources.create Dwolla.js


I am trying to get the funding source for customer, I am able to get the 60 min token but when passing it into the call for dwolla.fundingSources.create, I keep getting the following:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘create’ of undefined

I have also tried this with the IAV flow and can’t seem to get it to render the dwolla.iav.start();

Not sure what I am missing.


Following the guide


I figured it out. Nevermind.


(Spencer Hunter) #4

Hi @Bohica1, If you’re wanting to use dwolla.js to Add a Funding Source (Bank account) to a Customer then the function referenced above requires a funding sources token and not an IAV token. To obtain a funding sources token, you’ll make a call to the Dwolla API to fetch this token. As referenced here.