Verifying funding source in apis

(Naman Verma) #1

Hello Team,

I am implementing Dwolla::Swagger in Ruby application on Rails framework in my project in Api’s

I am stuck at a point, such that I have

  1. Generated a customer
  2. Generated funding source and add it to customer

After that i have generated iav token but not able to understand that how to verify funding source using iav token in api’s

because the strategy given in documentation for verifying funding source is based on JavaScript but i am implementing this in api’s

Is there any other way to verify funding source without JavaScript

if yes then please tell or else there is no other way then let me know how to do this in api’s


(Ben) #2

An IAV token can only be used with Dwolla.js. To verify accounts using only the Access API you have to use micro deposits.

After you create the funding source you can call it’s initiate micro deposits link. It’ll take Dwolla 1-2 days to deposit the micro deposits in that funding source.

When Dwolla’s deposited them they’ll call with a webhook topic “customer_microdeposits_completed”. If you get the funding source it’ll have a new link on it to verify the micro deposits. After successfully posting the micro deposit values the funding source will be verified and Dwolla will pull the micro deposits from the funding source. If you fail you only have 2 more tries before you have to restart the micro deposit flow.