Unable to create verified fundng source on Dwolla API

(Joyce) #1

Is it possible to create a Verified funding source on dwolla test environment?If yes then how to create it using dwolla swagger java api on Dwolla uat?

(Cory Anderson) #2

It is possible to create a funding source in the Sandbox.
One of the ways to create a funding source would be having the Customer entering their Account Number and Routing Number into your application. You will kick off microdeposits and the Customer would then need to verify the microdeposits in your application.

Another way to create a verified bank funding source would be to use our Instant Account Verification flow. This uses our Dwolla.JS client-side JavaScript library. The biggest advantage to using IAV is the fact that the customer data does not need to hit your servers, ultimately reducing risk for you and your business. This also verifies a bank in seconds, rather than waiting for days.

(Manish Agarwal) #3

While working on the Dwolla sandbox environment i found a very quick way to create a verified funding source for a customer.

First create a customer in sandbox portal, then use the customer id to generate IAV token using POST “sandbox-url/customers/{id}/iav-token”

Then go to, https://www.dwolla.com/dwollajs-bank-verification/ and inspect element on the page. Look for the iframe url–>
Just replace the token in the url and follow the steps to add the bank account.

Once completed you will have the verified funding source added to your customer account.