Regarding the api response

  1. In case of every correct information we should get a success message in response of the api but currently while hitting the API the response is blank and while getting no response in success case the user is getting added on dashboard and each detail is visible on the dashboard but for the same API should respond with a success message on postman collection.
  2. In case of error handling case, if any information is entered false or duplicate it shows the correct response i.e it gives the correct error message.

Please look into this on high priority.

Hi @anantdev , POSTs to create a new resource in the API should return a 201 with an empty response body and a link to lookup the created resource in the Location header. You’ll want to follow the Location header by making a GET to the URL of the created resource.

Yes, that’s correct. Error responses that cover the two use cases described should provide a detail message of what went wrong with the request. More info can be found in the errors section of our docs.