API Calls Error

Hi Everyone, pls, How do I solve this problem? I keep getting this errors two different API calls:

"There was an issue setting up your call.

The API call returns an empty body and you picked JSON. Please check."

Hi @Obinna_Ezeifedi – these don’t appear to be Dwolla specific API error messages, so we wouldn’t be able to help out much.

However, with the second one, I’m suspecting that you are creating a new resource in the API and are attempting to read the response body. A new resource creation request has an empty response body. The URL to the newly created resource is located in the “Location” header in the response.

Hope that helps!

@Obinna_Ezeifedi this looks like a Bubble.io error message. Most of Dwolla’s “Create…” actions return no body, only passing very limited info (for the create actions only) in the headers. Setup the call like below:

Pro-tip, you’ll want to check these two boxes so you can get the UUID of the created resource from the response’s headers.


Thanks for your response. I already checked the boxes and it responded.


Hi @barrownicholas,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for helping out with @Obinna_Ezeifedi’s question. Your insights and support are greatly appreciated! Thanks for being an awesome contributor to this community. :raised_hands:


@shreya you’re welcome! We use Bubble.io and I recognized the error code so I thought I’d see if I could lend a hand. Enjoy your weekend!

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Thanks! And you too! :slight_smile: