Replicating R20 Deactivated Funding Source in Sandbox

Is there a way to replicate any of the actively deactivated/suspended funding sources in sandbox as explained here: This is something in production we are experiencing and we would like to replicate it in our staging/development environments.

Hi @paul.yeo, There isn’t currently a way to simulate the Dwolla systematic actions (deactivate/suspend, etc.) that can occur from a resulting ACH return code. We’ll be sure to pass this feedback along to our Product team to look into expanding upon the existing R01, R03, R01-late, and R03-late sentinel values that currently exist in our sandbox. You could hypothetically mock this out on your end though. When you receive the customer_bank_transfer_failed and/or customer_transfer_failed webhook events, call the API to perform the action as outlined in the developer article you linked to in your post.

Thanks for replying. Sounds good. Do you mind confirming what the error message is if a user tries to re-add a bank account that was actively suspended or deactivated by Dwolla?

This return code would deactivate the Customer and remove the bank account. Since Dwolla isn’t suspending the bank in this instance, when the Customer is reactivated the end user can simply re-add their bank account. No error code should occur on the re-add.