Require Confirmation That Account Is an Eligible Destination Source


I connected an account to my application but am unsure if the routing/account number was properly sent to Dwolla. Can you confirm via the ID? ID: a27d4086-5bee-41dc-a549-5ab27fbdcf4d

Hi Nishant!

It does look like we’ve received the Account and Routing numbers alright for this bank funding-source account! However, we aren’t able to share those numbers here if you were looking to make sure. The only way you could find out if any of those numbers were miskeyed is if you create a transfer using that funding-source and it fails with an ACH reject code.

Hi Shreya,

We have accounts without funding source URLs but Dwolla is sending back “verified” webhooks. We want to understand how/why that’s happening.

If you could assist, that would be great.


Hi Nishant,

That’s weird, I can take a closer look at that. A few questions -

  • Did you receive the customer_funding_source_verified webhooks without receiving any customer_funding_source_created webhooks?
  • Are there customer accounts that do not have a list of funding-sources, yet there are webhooks being sent that mention that their funding-source is verified?

Also, do you have some more examples of funding-sources and/or customers?