Same Day Debit — Get funds into the Dwolla Network faster

Same Day Debit

In addition to Same Day Credits and RTP which offer faster bank-to-bank transfers, Dwolla now supports Same Day Debits, the ability to pull funds from a source bank account to the Dwolla network. With Same Day Debit transfers, funds can be available in your Dwolla balance on the same business day. Funds from a Same Day Debit transfer created before the 12pm CT cutoff are available in the Dwolla balance by the end of the same business day. See table below for times observed in regards to the availability of funds:

*This time is the latest observed clearing to customer accounts, but the Fed only requires funds to be available by the end of the day.

Enablement and Testing

Like RTP and Same Day Credits, access to Same Day Debits is a premium feature that requires further approvals from the Dwolla team to enable in production. To enable Same Day Debits and other premium features in production, please reach out to your Dwolla account manager or sales representative. To enable this feature on your Sandbox account for testing, please message us here on the discuss forum or reach out to your account manager.

To initiate a Same Day Debit transfer from your client Dwolla Account or created Customer/end-user, you’ll need to have a bank account added and verified. Same Day Debit transfers are customized on a per-API-request basis.

Below is an example of how to initiate a Same Day Debit transfer using the initiate a transfer endpoint.



"_links": {

"source": {

"href": "{bank-id}"


"destination": {

"href": "{balance-id}"



"amount": {

"currency": "USD",

"value": "10.00"


"clearing": {

"source": "next-available"


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