Sandbox account doesn't connected with a special customer account

I am an employee of a company that develops an application for a customer.
You gives our customer a special accont But this account doesn’t connected with sandox. I can’t log in with his credentials. Can you provide sandbox account for testing?

Hi @farnax , our Sandbox environment is a completely separate environment from our production environment. I’d recommend signing up for a Sandbox account using your own information or an email address that has a shared inbox (e.g.

Our customer’s account provides abilitieys to pay more 10000$ for 1 trasaction. So I need opportunity to test this.

Hi @farnax

I can’t seem to find that information on my end. Can you tell me the dollar amount per Verified Customer transaction you would to increase in the sandbox? $50,000? $100,000?

I need a sandbox account with 100,000$ amount

Hi @farnax

I went ahead and updated that in the sandbox for you. Client and Verified Customer