Remove Sandbox account restrictions

Can you remove the transaction restrictions on my test account.
I need the ability to test transactions over 10000$.

Hi @Kate_V – I can update the transfer limits in Sandbox for you!

What limits did you want for the following?

  • Unverified Customers weekly send limit (default $5,000/week)
  • Verified Customers per transaction send limit ($5,000/tx)
  • Master Account per transaction send limit ($10,000/tx)

Also, a thing to note, in order to get custom limits in Production, you would have to get approval from the Dwolla team. Make sure to bring it up to your Sales Representative or the Dwolla support team at

Hi @Kate_V – looks like the limits were recently raised to $500,000/transfer for both the Master account and Verified Customers.

You should be good to go! :+1: