Sandbox Receiver cannot receive from sender

I am getting a “Receiver cannot receive from sender” when transferring between two funding sources (in sandbox). I’m not sure what to do to resolve the issue. What information do you need to track down the issue?

Hi @mweber26 – If you could share funding-source IDs you’re using to create the transfer, we can take a look!

This error is usually thrown if there does not exist at least one Verified party in the Transaction. For example, the sender and receiver could both be Unverified Customers, but in order to create a transfer, either the Sender or the Receiver needs to be a Verified Customer.

I understand now – it is unverified to unverified.

I am now trying to verify one side as a business with a controller and I keep getting “Controller address1 required.”,“path”:"/controller/address/address1".

I have checked the json being sent and it includes controller/address/address1.
The customer id is 02c6f7f5-4b7e-4534-90cc-e89786fabfb7 if you have some logging available to see what I’m sending vs what is coming through.

I figured it out - I was missing country on the controller address. So I don’t think that error message is working correctly.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @mweber26! We’ll get a ticket to get this validation error fixed. Let us know if you run into anything else.