Getting Error Like Sender Restricted


I am getting error like Sender Restricted but as I can see customer is verified. Even I have added two funding source too and also both are in Verified status. I am using sandbox.

Source :

Destination :

Please reply me regarding this.


Hi @shreyas.p,

The Sender Restricted error is returned when a transfer is initiated from a Receive-only Customer’s funding source. It looks like your sender is a VCR with a verified funding-source, and your receiver is a Recieve-only customer with a verified funding-source as well, which passes all marks in order to make a successful transfer.

Perhaps in the transfer request the source and the destination may have been accidentally swapped? Would you be able to share the transfer request that’s returning this error?

Hello @shreya

Please check following users from transfer.

Sender :

Receiver :

Please guide me regarding what types of sender and what types of receiver can allow to transfer?


Hi @shreyas.p, I see that the sender is verified but the beneficial owner added to the Customer isn’t verified and certified. In order for a Business Verified Customer to be able to transact, the following steps need to be to be checked,

  1. The Business Verified Customer must be verified
  2. The Beneficial Owners must be verified
  3. The information on the Beneficial Owners must be certified

As for receiving funds, any Customer type can receive funds as long as they are not in document status, and have a funding-source attached to their account.

Please let me know if I can help clarify on the above steps!


Yes, I have checked Receiver status is “unverified”.
How to update status with “Verified” to transfer?

The receiver can stay unverified, but if you wish to verify this Customer, they have to be of type Personal Verified Customer, or Business Verified Customer.

As for the above transfer failing, it has to do with the Sender. The Business Verified Customer that is sending the funds does not have a beneficial owner added, so you would need make an API call to certify ownership.

Here’s an example request:

Accept: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json
Content-Type: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

  "status": "certified"

After certifying, you should be able to send funds originating from this Business Verified Customer - f5a723f8-e243-4d1c-bdd7-111bfc047bf9