Sandbox: Unable to upgrade an Unverified Customer to a Verified Customer

We are unable to upgrade some fields to change user status. Cannot change the following:

  • DoB (getting an error)
  • SSN

Is it a Sandbox restriction, or we are doing something wrong?

Hi @Cowboy, Do you have an example of what your upgrade request looks like? To change the Customer record type, you’ll need to supply all the required information to create a Verified Customer.

We are trying to supply all the info, but it’s giving us a mistake. Our steps are below.

  1. Create an Unverified User with Required Fields.

  2. Add all the fields that are required to become a Verified user (including type - personal).

  3. Load all of that into an Update function and…. get a DoB Modification mistake and others.

Below are the payload that we send and the mistake that we get :frowning:


These are the correct steps. hmm, that’s strange. Typically this is an error response if the Customer record is already upgraded and you’re attempting to edit details that can no longer be edited. Do you have a Customer ID I can use to lookup this particular request in our logs?