Upgrade Unverified Customer to Verified

(klue) #1

Quick question:

Working in the sandbox environment, I made a successful request to update an unverified customer to verified; however, the response customer object’s status and type remains unchanged (unverified).


Is this by design?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@klue, The type request parameter lets Dwolla know what type of identity verified Customer you wish to create or upgrade to. I believe what is happening is that we’re treating this as an update and not an upgrade because type is missing. Try adding type: "personal" to your request body to see if that accepts and upgrades the Customer.

(klue) #3

@spencer, Good call. Works as expected now. Along with the customer’s type, I also needed to pass in the customer’s e-mail, first and last name.

Thanks Hunter.

Before I go, is it possible for you to check the social security number for the “Mark Jackson” customer I attempted to upgrade originally? I actually passed in an invalid social security number; not sure if the value was updated or not.

Just curious.