Updating Unverified Customer to Verified Customer


I’m getting some inconsistent results in sandbox when I try to update unverified customers to verified customers.

When upgrading a user, the response I get from POST https://api.dwolla.com/customers/{id} always has a status of verified. Right after that call, I make a request to GET https://api.dwolla.com/customers/{id} and sometimes get a status of unverified.

Is the status field in the response for POST https://api.dwolla.com/customers/{id} always accurate? Or would I need to wait for the customer_verified webhook in order to determine if the customer was actually successfully upgraded?


Hi Kevin – we would recommend listening for the webhooks to determine what status the Customer is in after the upgrade. There are different statuses that the Customer may fall into once upgraded to a Verified Customer type, like retry, document or verified. Listening for the webhooks and then retrieving the Customer resource is recommended in determining the actual status that a Customer is in at that point in time.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions!

Y I’m I getting this message

Hi @israel_abila – thanks for posting!

Would you be able to elaborate on what message you’re getting?