Clarification on Create Customer

(Mark) #1

In Sandbox, I can create a verified customer and get it status by invoking 2 http requests:

  1. POST on customer (to create the customer)
  2. GET on customer (to get the status)

How does this work in Production?

  1. After creating a verified customer via POST on customer what will be the status of the customer?
  2. Do I need to wait for the webhook before I invoke GET on customer to get its status or can I immediately do a GET as soon as the POST succeeds?

If we need to wait for the webhook, how long does it usually take? should we make the user wait, or should we email them when it’s complete?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

After successfully creating an identity-verified verified Customer, they will immediately be placed in a verification status. There are various reasons a Customer status can be something other than verified; you will want to account for this after the Customer is created.

A Customer’s verification status is determined by an identity verification score based on the data submitted; this score is returned from Dwolla’s identity vendor. Therefore, it is important that the user enters accurate and complete identifying data, and that the partner application implements best practices in input field validation to ensure the best possible success rate.

Once you get a response from the Dwolla API after successfully creating a verified Customer then they should already be placed in a verification status. The status of a verified Customer post Customer creation can be: retry, document, verified, or suspended.

It is recommended to wait for the webhook instead of immediately calling the API. Once the webhook is received you’ll then immediately call the API to fetch that customer by ID to obtain their status. Webhooks are asynchronous and sent shortly after the Customer is created.