Received customer_created & customer_verified Webhooks with a delay

Hey Dwolla Team!

I noticed a delay in a customer sign up for webhooks yesterday (Nov 17th). We created a verified customer on Dwolla around 12:18 pm PST but didn’t receive the customer_verified or customer_created webhook until 12:55 pm PST. Is this common on Dwolla or was this because of some issue on your end? Just want to know if this is a one-off case, or if it’s something that happens often enough that I need to handle it from our end.


Hi Kevin! Thanks for reaching out about this. Do you have the customer ID handy, so we can look this up on our end?

Yeah! the customer id is: 5b752fea-8c44-4001-b80b-2a782dc9818a.


Hi Kevin. I did some digging and it looks like our queue for webhooks got backed up during this time. To answer your question, this is not something that happens often, nor is it something to be expected, but if it ever happens again, please feel free to reach out to us immediately.

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Thanks for the update!