Dwolla Webhooks Events

Hey Teams, when i created Dwolla Business Customer for retry I am getting the first event topic ‘customer_reverification_needed’ and then the second event is ‘customer_created’ but I think Dwolla using Stack to process webhooks but it should be the queue to process webhooks. is there any API documentation for Dwolla webhooks responses?

Hey there! When an event occurs in Dwolla, it is placed in a queue before getting sent via a webhook. This process, however, does not pick off the queue in a synchronous manner, so it is likely that some webhooks may get sent out of order, as described in What to Know About Dwolla Webhooks.

Webhooks are sent asynchronously and are not guaranteed to be delivered in order. […]

As such, when processing webhooks, we recommend not relying on the order that they’re received but rather building out additional business logic that is responsible for processing webhooks that have a dependency on one another. For more information, I recommend checking out our full guide on Working with Webhooks that outlines some best practices for dealing with Dwolla webhooks.

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