Scheduled/recurring payments in API v2

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Is there any API for scheduled-payments in V2.

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Hi @ashwini_s, Unfortunately scheduled/recurring is not available in v2 yet, however this is something we’re considering adding to v2 at some point in the future. If you’re using our v2 API then you’ll want to build your own scheduler and call our Transfers API to initiate the transaction on a specified date. In addition, be sure to follow the payment requirements as outlined in our developer terms of service. Specifically, section 4.4 “Requirements for one-time scheduled and recurring payments.”

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Hello, I am new here and considering Dwolla for my company

just wondering, is there any update on this feature for V2?

Also, is there any way to guarantee that the recipient gets the money on a very specific date? From this docs it seems it is not possible

scheduleDate: Date to initiate payment. If the transaction is funded by an ACH bank funding source, funds will be available to the recipient typically 1-3 business days after this date.

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Hi @motta.lrd, There isn’t any update relating to support for scheduled/recurring functionality within our v2 API. In the interim, we recommend building your own scheduler and initiating bank transfers on a specified date. The way our existing scheduled/recurring functionality works is that the transaction is created on the date specified in the API request (typically around 8am CT on that business day). That transaction then goes on our ACH file that same business day and will follow standard ACH processing times.


thank you, for your help

How predictable are the standard ACH processing times? If I want to make sure that a payment is processed by a given date how long in advance I need to make an API call to initiate it?

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Hi @motta.lrd, Standard ACH processing time is 3-4 business days for debits and 1-2 for credits. As an example, If a bank-to-bank transaction is initiated between two different accounts on Monday prior to 4pmCT, then transactions would typically settle to the receiving bank on Friday morning.


thank you @spencerhunter.

For debits: is there any way to know if it will be 3 OR 4 days? Or it really depends on the bank network?

For credits: I am right saying that I can choose same-day ACH now? (Same-day ACH eligibility:, API:


@spencerhunter Got this diagram on a presentation of the service and it seems pretty predictable to me on the (+3).

I understand that if I get any failure return code ( then obviously the process is delayed (and that Dwolla will try to compensate). Could you give me more insights on that please?

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The main thing that comes to mind on the 3 vs. 4 business day timeline is when the transaction was initiated. Primarily, if the transaction was initiated after when we send our daily ACH file(currently approx. 4pmCT). If the transaction is initiated after that time it will go on the ACH file the next business. Note: With ACH money doesn’t move on weekends or holidays so if a transaction is created during that time then it’ll go on the ACH file the next available business day.

Same-day ACH currently comes as an additional cost which would be outlined in your services agreement with Dwolla. That being said, if funds were sent out of the Dwolla network as same-day to a bank account prior to 12pm CT then they should settle that same business day.


Got it, thank you @spencerhunter ! And when we get the webhook that the transaction succeeded? The business day after you submitted the ACH (when funds are received in the Dwolla network like explained in the diagram)? or after 3 days (when Dwolla is notified of any returns)?

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Your application should receive either a processed or failed related webhook on the 3rd business day morning. The reason for the 3 day lag in processing time is that typically 95% of ACH returns don’t come back from a financial institution up until that last business day 3.

That being said, you also want to be aware of “post-settlement” returns that can come back after we’ve marked the transaction as processed.


thank you, super clear now!