ServerError while retrieving the list of business classifications

receiving the following error when calling app_token.get('business-classifications')
{"code":"ServerError","message":"A server error occurred. Error ID: 12674c17-3df2-4866-924d-acae70ba4818."}

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Also seeing the same issue in my sandbox with the business-classifications endpoint. Tested a few other endpoints and others seem to be working fine.

This is the error I get when calling the business-classifications endpoint:

{‘code’: ‘ServerError’, ‘message’: ‘A server error occurred. Error ID: 04fe0959-913a-4358-a70e-4637214a2fe9.’}

Hi @Sung_Lee and @Steve_Drozdowski , apologies for the inconvenience. We had an issue that persisted in our Sandbox yesterday afternoon/evening which impacted the business-classifications endpoint. This was resolved around 9pm Central Time yesterday.