Business Classification

Question about businessClassification. When I try to retrieve List business classifications from,

It always return the same ID 9ed3f672-7d6f-11e3-b67a-5404a6144203. What is the complete list of ID for different business?



Hi @l0ge0001

This would be the List business classifications endpoint. the first 3 section of the ids that are returned do look the same, but if you read through the entire ids they are different.

Here is an example from the docs

There are 27 embeded list in your return. All of them using the same ID 9ed3f672-7d6f-11e3-b67a-5404a6144203. Please see the attachment for the return.

classification.pdf (101.6 KB)

Do you have a complete list of business classification? We don’t want to retrieve the classification every time a customer registers since the classification is not changed often.

Li Ge

Hi @l0ge0001

The pdf you just sent contains several different ids. I also did a control + f on the id you sent, 9ed3f672-7d6f-11e3-b67a-5404a6144203 and only got 1 hit

Sorry. My mistake. I just notice the beginning and end of the ID. :crazy_face: