Business Classification ID List

Where can I find a list of the 27 List Business Classification “id” and “name” options?

Hi @tryckl – this information is available via the API! Here’s our API reference - List Business Classification | Dwolla API Documentation

Thank you @shreya. My development team and I discussed this page, but are unable to find a list of the business classifications that Dwolla uses. We would like to review the complete list.

Ah, the next section in the reference is where it shows how to retrieve the embedded industry classifications under each of the 27 business classifications above. That’s perhaps what you’re looking for. It’s the industry classification ID that’s required when creating a Business Verified Customer.

@shreya Ok, so there is not a list that can be reviewed? I was hoping to determine which ID and NAME are applicable to the users of my platform. I’m just looking for a directory of all of the classifications (ID/NAME) to review.

I’m afraid there isn’t a list outside of the API that can be reviewed. You would have to list them via the API and put it in a spreadsheet to extract the ones that would be applicable to your users.

Were you looking for the list so that you can filter and only offer those options to your users when setting up their Business Verified Customer accounts?

Yes. The platform is for a specific set of users and this would help us streamline the onboarding process.

Got it. While we don’t change the business and industry classification IDs and names that often, we don’t recommend saving the names and IDs of the business and industry classifications in the case that they do change and it may cause your implementation to break. What you could do is list the business classifications from the API and filter it before providing the options to your users. Once they select the appropriate business classification, you can then list the embedded industry classifications for them to choose from. Here’s an example from our drop-in UI component -


Hi @shreya.

We did as you recommended and pulled IDs/NAMES via the api. However, it returned three business classifications all with different IDs, but two had the same NAME.

How can I find out what the difference is between the two?



“id”: “9ed46bb5-7d6f-11e3-9631-5404a6144203”,

“name”: “Real estate agent”



“id”: “9ed492ab-7d6f-11e3-9907-5404a6144203”,

“name”: “Real estate - other”



“id”: “9ed3f664-7d6f-11e3-9eaa-5404a6144203”,

“name”: “Real estate agent”


@shreya , do you have any suggestions regarding the latest post about the two IDs with the same NAMEs?

Hi @tryckl, they fall under different business classifications.

The above fall under the top level Business Classification of “Services - other”. Also one is “Real estate agent”, the other may be a different department within Real estate.

"id": "9ed4449e-7d6f-11e3-a32d-5404a6144203", 
"name": "Services - other"

The above falls under the top level Business Classification of “Financial services and products”

"id": "9ed3cf5f-7d6f-11e3-8af8-5404a6144203",
"name": "Financial services and products"

Thank you! @shreya