Pre-select Business Classification

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The “businessClassification” property when creating a verified business customer through Access API represents industry classification and not business classification?
There are 2 dropdowns, business classification and industry classification, so I have to get the id from the selected industry classification and use that in the request as “businessClassification” when creating a customer, right?
But then in case of a “retry” status I would present the same form to the user again and would like to preselect previously selected business and industry classification, but I would only know the latter, so in order to find which business classification was selected I would have to go through all business classification items and check all of their industry classification sub-items in order to find a match…
Is that right or is there a faster way to pre-select based on “businessClassification” used in the request’s payload?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Correct! Sorry for the confusion, we’ll get this updated in our docs to better clarify which Id is needed by the Customer create endpoint.

Unfortunately that is correct. Unless you were to store the list of industry classification ids on your end then you’d need to call the API to retrieve that list. What we would recommend is that if your application only uses a few different industry classifications then store and only return that subset of classifications from the larger list.

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