Specify the memo field for transfer

How do I specify the memo displayed to the customer when he/she checks their bank statements?

Currently, it displays the name of my organization. Instead, we would like to specify something more descriptive like the invoice number.

I am specifically referring to the transaction description.

Hi @jack_jack,

The bank line is limited in what can be customized. Currently it’ll display your company name as well as a randomly generated ID by Dwolla called an individualAchId. This ID is is the same that is included in the transfer resource in the API. I would recommend using this field for reconciling transfers. We do have support for being able to send supplemental payment information via Addenda records which comes at an extra cost and can be enabled by emailing our team at support@dwolla.com.

Enabling the Addenda record feature does have its trade offs – if you have any business CR’s or VCR’s in your funds flow that are using a personal checking account rather than a business checking – the payment will likely fail with an R05 return code. In addition, this field is very hit or miss on whether it will even display on personal bank accounts that are connected to customer records that are setup as an individual vs. business user type.