Is metadata included in the generated ACH file?

(Kevin Compton) #1

I would like to pass along metadata to the bank via ACH file. This would allow us to better troubleshoot issues if/when they arise.
As a white-label customer - is there a field exposed via the V2 API that allows us to provide information that will be included in the generated ACH file(s)?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @klcompt. That is a great question. Unfortunately there isn’t something currently available that would allow you to pass metadata or information along with the transaction on the ACH file that would potentially show up on a bank statement. Nonetheless, I will be sure to pass along your feedback to our Product team for further consideration!

(Nodakjones) #3

I guess the followup question is what does show up on the bank statement? Our business case is facilitating bank transfers between our customers. I really wouldn’t want our name showing up and for sure not dwolla’s. The ideal scenario would be that the customer would see the other customer’s name on the transfer so that they know exactly what it was for. Please, please, please tell me this is possible. :slight_smile:

(Nodakjones) #4

Any thoughts on this Dwolla?

(Spencer Hunter) #5

If you’re integrating with our Access API, it currently defaults to the Dwolla Partner account’s name on the bank line. However, you have the ability to customize the bank line to show one party involved in the transaction if the transaction is between an Unverified Customer and a Verified Customer type.

For example:
Joe Buyer - (Unverified Customer)
Jane Seller - (Verified Customer)
Acme Corp. - (Partner Dwolla Account)

If Joe sends $10 to Jane then Joe will see Jane Seller’s name on their bank line. Jane Seller will see Acme Corp. on their bank line. If the payment is reversed, Jane->Joe then Joe will still see Jane’s name on their bank statement and Jane will see Acme Corp on theirs.

(Nodakjones) #6

Yes! This is my case and is exactly what I would want. Thank you!

(Tim Bartley) #7


How is it customisable? Is this specified per-transfer or is it controlled at the Dwolla partner account level? I don’t see in the API where this would be specified.

Is it different if the transfers are just between Dwolla partner account and unverified customers?

I’d love to have per-transfer control over what’s displayed on the customer’s bank statement for transfers either:

Unverified Customer -> Partner Dwolla Account


Partner Dwolla Account -> Unverified Customer

If it can’t be done per-transfer - where/how can we set what shows up? Is there a setting in the dashboard? Is it just “Registered Organization Name” off our account?



(Spencer Hunter) #8

It is controlled at the account level by Dwolla once we’ve approved and reviewed your application.

If the transaction is between the partner account and Unverified Customers then the bank line will read the partners name.

Correct. The bank line currently shows the registered (or preferred) business name on your Dwolla account. I will pass along your feedback to our Product team for further customization of the bank line.

(Kevin Stephenson) #9

@spencer I see the account name, some id, and a WEB ID: XXXXXXXXX on the bank line for a white label integration (12-20-2016). Is there a way to correlate any of these ids with transfers? We are working on bank reconciliation and with many transactions that have the same value on or around the same day and it is impossible to match items. The WEB ID value is very close the the Transaction ID shown on the old dashboard. The new dashboard shows “TRANSACTION ID”, which matches the /transfer guid.

My memory is a bit fuzzy but I think I recall seeing those “internal” ids in the API at some point. Please advise. As the system is currently built, it is impossible to perform proper bank reconciliations.

(Spencer Hunter) #10

@kevin-stephenson, The bank line will display your Registered business name and possibly a Dwolla unique identifier (transaction id). This unique Identification Number is Dwolla’s identifier. That is a requirement from our banking partner to be on each ACH transfer. Some banks display it, and some do not. It varies so widely across banks on what is displayed. Some just show the name, others show name + unique Identification number. It is not possible to reconcile API transfer Ids with the identifying number that displays on the bank line.

I have passed along feedback to our Product team regarding allowing you to specify some sort of reference Id or metadata on ACH transactions which could then be passed to the bank and show up on yours and your user’s bank accounts.

(Kevin Stephenson) #11

Thank you for the response.

I reviewed the v1 API and noticed it does return the Dwolla unique identifier. While it didn’t exactly match the value on the bank statement, it was close (~4 positions off). Can the Dwolla unique identifier be at a minimum returned in the v2 transaction API? If it was available, then user supplied metadata that gets sent to ACH would be less necessary.