Update verified Bank Account error


please check the below request:

I have created an exchange between Dwolla and MX API using the tokenized method. I want to update the Bank account i.e account_number and routing_number.
But Update (Verified) Bank Account API Only Updates Customer’s Bank Name
it’s not working for account_number and routing_number. So how can I update account_number and routing_number for my Bank Account

POST https://api.dwolla.com/funding-sources/{id}

On hitting Update funding source API I am getting the following error:

API response: {
“success”: false,
“message”: “Verified banks and those with micro-deposits cannot be updated.”,

Hi there!

Since this bank account was automatically verified and the account and routing number were fetched via Dwolla’s integration with MX, we don’t allow editing the account and routing number via an API request.

Instead, to update a funding source, you’ll want to remove the old funding source and then re-add it. When re-adding the funding source, you can create it and verify via micro-deposits, or you can re-create it using an exchange resource by having the customer go through the MX flow again.

I hope this helps!