Verified Business Customer in Sandbox -- InvalidResourceState when adding funding source with Plaid

I have a verified business customer with status = ‘verified’. We use plaid for our bank authentications, and it works well for our verified non-business customers. However, every attempt we make to add a funding source for a verified business customer, we get this error:

{“code”:“InvalidResourceState”,“message”:“Resource cannot be modified.”}

What could be locking the business customer? Any insights into what might be wrong? I would be happy to provide whatever more information might be helpful.

@dfrank8, do you have the Customer ID for the account that is returning this error response? This will help us pinpoint what could be causing this error. Thanks!


We are experiencing the same issue, also in Sandbox. We have created a verified business customer. Fetching the customer confirms that its status is “verified,” but attempts to add a funding source return a 403 with the same error message Douglas experienced. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

Customer id: 76ace853-5237-485c-a8b5-611a1db2201c
Request id (POST /customers): 6ac975e9-2e5c-40b7-b501-a712bc109b24
Request id (POST /customers/76ace853-5237-485c-a8b5-611a1db2201c/funding-sources): 23caa368-c57c-4768-8091-49cbf054a668

Hi @tomborger, The likely cause is that you haven’t certified Beneficial Ownership. This step is required before the Customer account is eligible to add a funding source.

Thanks Spencer! Definitely missed that step.

Just to confirm, in the case of a nonprofit organization, that business will by definition have no beneficial owner, correct? So in that case we’d simply need to update the certification status to “certified” before continuing with adding funding sources?

@tomborger, That is correct. You’d make sequential API calls. 1) Create the Customer 2) Certify beneficial ownership.

Hi there, 'm getting the same error, but I’m creating a Personal account for the Customer. I’m doing so in SandBox. The link I’m sending to create the funding source is:


I’m getting the id, by fetching the user by email. Also using Plaid to get the user’s info. In this aspect.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @francopetra – it looks like the error is happening because the Customer is in a suspended status. A Customer isn’t able to perform any actions on their account when they are in a suspended status.

I have un-suspended the account for further testing. Please give it a try again and let us know if you come across any issues!

Thanks! Yes, I just saw that, but couldn’t un-suspend. Is that something I can do?

I’m afraid un-suspending isn’t supported via the API. It would require reaching out to a Dwolla team member.

Hi shreya may i now how to check the customer is in suspended status

Hi @FaisalAhsan – you can check the status field of the Customer after retrieving it from the API like so: