We want to make Withdrawal possible ( ACH ) from our platform to our customer

I have one question relative to payment processors / financial services : At our platform we are using stripe and paypal to accept funds from our customers and withdrawal relatively.

We were doing this via cards with stripe.

Now we want to add ACH to our platform to accept fund with linking the bank accounts of our customers with services like plaid + stripe.

With stripe partnership with plaid our customers can add funds with their linked bank accounts , it’s work like charm. But we as a platform want to make withdrawal fund back to their bank accounts.

Withdrawal ( Fund sent back from Our platform to our customers ) isn’t possible with or without ACH with stripe.

How dwolla can help us to meet our need? Is it possible?

Leave a contact info here so we can contact you directly and take a meet call or something with you guys. Feel free to give your suggestions, thanks a lot.

@Mahendra_Machhi, thank you for reaching out! We’ll need to learn more about your business and use case before providing any solutions on how Dwolla can integrate with your platform. Please email us at sales@dwolla.com and one of our Sales team members will get back to you with next steps!

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Alright , Perfect. I will email you guys. Thanks for replying me back @james , appreciate it.

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