Direct Deposit to Dwolla Balance

Is it possible to directly deposit funds to a Dwolla balance via ACH. As an example, say a customer processes credit cards through a Stripe account. Could a customer be given an option to have their Stripe funds deposited directly to their Dwolla balance without having to have funds deposited into their bank from Stripe first and then add the funds to their Dwolla balance afterwards?

How do I get the funds from my account and I need to get the funds to be deposited into my bank account

Hi @samuelbillmills9, Please refrain from posting any personally identifiable information on this public forum. Shoot us an email at and we would be happy to assist!

Hi @Jeremy_Hattula, I’m afraid there isn’t a way to transfer funds from a Stripe Balance to the Dwolla Balance of a Customer. In order to add funds to the Dwolla Balance of a Customer, there must be a bank account attached to the Customer to pull the funds from.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you come across any questions!