Can we add funds to dwolla wallet via credit card using stripe

I have a little tricky requirement. I want to use dwolla wallet in my application. And I know we can add a funds to wallet by bank account.

But we also want to give a provision to add a funds in dwolla wallet by credit card via Stripe payment gateway.

Is it possible programmatically?

Hey, @sanjay-cygnet,

Although Dwolla is unable to process credit/debit card (CC) payments, we do offer virtual account numbers* (VANs) that can be attached to either an account’s funding source or to a customer’s funding source.

By using this method, you could, in theory, create a VAN account funding source, which will have funding access to your account’s Dwolla balance, and then set up Stripe to send CC payments to the account’s virtual account and routing number.

Once the funds are within Dwolla’s network (in the account’s balance), you can then either transfer them to another customer’s balance funding source (instantly), or to a customer’s bank funding source (using standard ACH processing times).

Please let us know if you have any further questions!

James Coon

* VANs are a premium Dwolla feature that may require additional approval. If you would like to learn more about VANs, I recommend reaching out to your account manager!

Thanks for replying @james

Do we have any document or reference to add funds to VAN funding resource?

How we can transfer funds from VAN to Dwolla balance ?

Hey, @sanjay-cygnet,

Yes, we do have some documentation that should be able to assist with this. Unfortunately, we don’t have this specific use case fully documented; however, as mentioned in my previous post, you could theoretically create an account funding source (VAN). Once the VAN funding source has been created, you could then retrieve its account and routing number via Dwolla’s API as well.

Once you have the account and routing number, you would then be able to have Stripe send funds to that bank account. (The specific configuration needed to do this would need to be handled on Stripe’s side.) When funds are sent to that account/routing number retrieved via the aforementioned API endpoint, they will automatically get deposited and be available for use within the account’s Dwolla Balance.

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