Webhook origin domain/subdomain

Hi - What is the domain/subdomain of the service that sends webhooks? I need to whitelist the origin domain name before I could set up webhooks. I tried with whitelisting https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com but it didn’t work. We have a Django based application. Thanks in advance.

Hi @PriyanshuJain

We do not currently support whitelisting out domain. We’re in AWS and our IPs are dynamically allocated. We don’t have a range defined to where they could be whitelisted.

Instead, we recommend validating webhooks using the signature that we sign each webhooks with.

@kmoreira Thanks for the response. We only allow a certain list of origins to our server. I will look for a solution to allow any origin for the webhook API. Meanwhile, Is there any domain/subdomain where all your dynamic IP resolve from reverse IP lookup?