Webhooks not present in Production Dashboard

I am currently following the documentation.

We have created webhooks in the sandbox account.

I am logged in the production account as the primary account credentials and below is what I see. There is no verbiage about webhooks anywhere in the sandbox or the production account as shown in the images on the website about accessing webhooks from dashboard for us currently.

Api is also not allowing for new webhooks to be created. Keep receiving 500 error for the running same webhook subscriptions that are in the Sandbox account.

If this helps, this is one the error id’s I just received when trying to create a webhook subscription. 87bcb06f-23ad-4e0e-ae18-65ab30725626 .

Hi Randale!

Thanks for posting the error ID! Our team was able to find out a fix for the issue which has been rolled out this morning. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Would you be able to retry the request and let us know if goes through or if you see any issues arise?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you, I was able to confirm webhooks can be created in production now

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