2017 - The Highlights

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2017 - The Highlights

2017 was a big year and with 2018 in our sights, we can look back and remember the good things that happened during our trip around the sun. Here at Dwolla, we have our sights and efforts set on building the ideal platform to move money. We listen and absorb the feedback that comes from our partners and the developers that use our API to help direct our product roadmap. That being said, let’s take a look back at what our developers have been hard at work building some pretty awesome features that we think you will love.

New Features


One of the bigger projects that we took up in the last quarter was improving our dashboard to make it more user-friendly. Realizing that businesses rely on people outside their development team, we made our dashboard more robust and accessible for non-technical users.

Adding Receive- Only Customers

We’ve given our partners the ability to create receive-only customers directly within the dashboard.

Please note - you must have administrative permission from Dwolla to create receive-only customers.

create customer 1

Dwolla Account Funding Sources

We’ve also implemented the ability to manage funding sources through the dashboard. This additional functionality makes it a breeze to add, verify, and remove funding sources.

Another frequently requested feature was the ability to transfer money in and out of the Dwolla balance through verified bank funding sources. Built using feedback from the community, this is now a possibility within the dashboard.

add to balance 1

Verifying micro deposits

Did I mention you can now verify each customer’s micro deposits in the dashboard? After initiating micro deposits via the API, you can enter the amounts into the dashboard to verify each customer’s bank funding source.


Correlation ID

Developer and partner feedback drive many of the enhancements we make to our product. After getting requests for the ability to track transfers in a more organized manner, we created the CorrelationId.

CorrelationId is a unique string value attached to a transfer resource that tracks transfers between Dwolla and a partner application.

Learn more about how our Product Managers used community feedback to create one of our most used features

New events added

Event Description
Customer_bank_transfer_creation_failed An attempt to initiate a transfer to a verified Customer’s bank account failed due to a negative balance. In order fund a negative balance, Dwolla will fail to create a transaction to go to a receiving bank account.
Customer_balance_inquiry_completed Upon checking a Customer’s bank balance, Dwolla will immediately return an HTTP 202 with response body that includes a status of processing. This event will be triggered when the bank balance check has completed processing.

These events assist our Partners in managing the Dwolla API.
To view more on how events get fired and how to test them in the Sandbox environment, check out our Dev Forum post


Plaid Integration

We strive to make accessing the U.S. banking infrastructure as easy as possible for businesses and their customers. With our Plaid integration you can verify users’ bank accounts in a way that doesn’t share sensitive financial data, like account and routing numbers, with your application. To learn more about how to integrate with Plaid, check out our dev docs articles

Sift Science Integration

Protecting your business against fraud is paramount in managing risk in real-time ACH payments. Using the power of our Sift Science integration, you can leverage machine learning to help your team protect you against fraud. Check out our dev docs article to see how easy it is to integrate with Sift Science.

sift science

What’s Next

Continuous Improvement

While we enjoy sharing these announcements, it is important that we thank you for your trust in Dwolla and your continued feedback. These changes were predicated on your input, so keep it coming. We welcome all the feedback from our partners to ensure we build a platform that grows with your business and strives to exceed your expectations.

Got questions? Feel free to follow up within this thread!

Have a wonderful rest of December; talk again in January!