401 Unauthorized error for new sandbox account

(Ruslan Grigorchuk) #1

Hello. I’m implementing integration with Dwolla. I’ve created new sandbox account with new application. Also I have another sandbox account, that was created by my teammate.

For unknown reason new account doesn’t work and for all requests and I have the same response:
401 Unauthorized
{ "code": "InvalidAccountStatus", "message": "Invalid access token account status." }

But another account works. Did I miss something? Should I confirm some email? Please provide me an information. Thanks.

(Cory Anderson) #2

Hey @rusnama
When you sign up for a Sandbox account, you should also receive a confirmation email.
You will receive the invalid access token account status message until you verify your email address.


How long after verifying does the account status update? I had this problem and verified my email address, but the problem has persisted.

(Cory Anderson) #4

Hey @a1letterword
Feel free to direct message me your email address and I’ll investigate to see if there is a problem on our end.

(Ernesto Palafox) #5

Hi @CoolStoryCory I am also having the same problem, how much time does it takes to validate the email address?

(Spencer Hunter) #6

@Ernesto_Palafox, The sandbox “verify email” email should be sent right away. Did you check your inbox and spam folders? Let me know if you are still unable to locate that email and I’ll free up your email address to have you retry the sandbox signup process.