Accessing newly created funding source ID

When creating a new funding source the Dwolla response returns headers a status and an empty body. Generally after creating any type of resource it is useful to have access to the ID of the created resource via the response, however the only way to access the ID of a new funding source is to parse it off of the location header URL string.

Im curious if there is a reason for this, such as queuing, etc. as Im concerned that if the location url structure changes it will cause breaking changes to my app. Furthermore seeing as the location header already contained the ID of the newly created funding source, it doesnt make sense to send off an entirely new request to access the funding source information for basic content such as ID

Thank you.

Hi @Pasquariello – it was a design decision to not include the URL of the newly created resource in the response. The location header will always contain the URL, and isn’t subject to change. If we do decide to change the structure in the future, it would be considered a breaking change and would be communicated to all API users accordingly, and well ahead of time.

You can absolutely extract the ID from the URL and save it to your DB without having to make a GET call to the resource for the ID!

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!