API Key Rotation without creating a new application


Is it possible to rotate the API keys for an application without having to create a new application? We like to rotate our API keys periodically, but not seeing how to do this in the dashboard.


Hi @justin

We unfortunately don’t have quick button click solution for API key rotation. The process would be as outlined below. You’d need to create a new application. Once done, let us know and we can enable the proper scope on the new app. You can then delete the old one or have us deactivate it on our end.
1 - Navigate to https://dashboard.dwolla.com/applications-legacy and hit the purple button to create the app.
2 - Once created, notify Dwolla to enable scope on new app
3 - Use these new credentials in your app config
4 - create webhook subscription for new app
5 - delete webhook subscriptions for old app. (this should happen immediately after creating new subscription using old creds)
6 - Notify Dwolla to suspend old app
You’d want to keep your old app creds working until we’ve activated the new ones.

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