Are Webhooks Application Independent?

Hi, I have a few applications (key/secret pairs) set up on my Dwolla account with individual webhook subscriptions. I’m experiencing a weird issue where an action on one of the applications triggers all of webhooks on the different applications. I’m still investigating to see whether this is an application issue or a Dwolla issue, but I was hoping to get confirmation that a Dwolla webhook should not leak across applications. I’m not experiencing this issue in production as we only have one webhook there, but I’m seeing this in the sandbox. This is something we might want to roll out to prod in the future.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to discuss soon.

Hi @paul.yeo, Webhooks that you are receiving for your consumer application(s) are for Events that belong to the Primary Account that owns the application. Depending on what you are attempting to accomplish with multiple apps, there is a provided workaround in this thread here:

Thanks for following-up. Do you mind confirming your definition of “application”? Is it each instance defined by a key/secret pair? If so, am I understanding correctly that say I have applications A and B and a webhook subscription on A such as /webhooks/A and another webhook subscription on B such as /webhooks/B. If I create a customer, I will receive a webhook event on both /webhooks/A and /webhooks/B?

Yep, that is correct for both questions!

I see, thanks. I guess, then, what is the point of creating webhooks for each application if they are shared globally? Its confusing to think that when you say do a request to list “all” webhooks for an application, you don’t receive “all” but just the ones defined by the application.

Hi @paul.yeo, based on the relationship between the data that belongs to Master Account that owns the app and the app itself, it likely only makes sense to have one application with one webhook subscription. In the API when listing webhooks, webhooks will belong to a webhook subscription which is tied to an individual consumer application.

Webhooks belong to a Webhook Subscription which belongs to an Application which belongs to an Account (Dwolla Account)

We initially allowed for multiple webhook subscriptions to be created for a single application with the intent that in the future you could potentially subscribe to certain Event Topics.