Crossover between different dwolla sandbox applications?

My understanding was that creating a new “Application” in the sandbox creates an app that does not share information with other apps in the sandbox. I’m seeing that this is not true - dwolla customers can be created in one application, and their data can be accessed in another.

Most importantly, I’m seeing crossover in the dwolla webhook endpoints. Events generated in one sandbox is triggering webhook events to all the webhook endpoints across 3 different “Applications”. This is causing issues, since different databases are used & the correlation IDs don’t match.

Am I experiencing a bug or is this expected functionality? If it is expected functionality, what is the purpose behind creating multiple “Applications” in my sandbox account?

How would I create an additional sandbox application that’s completely separate from the others, without creating a new account? Any help appreciated.

Hi @dtj, The thread below provides some additional information on this topic. Data such as Customers are relational to an Account and not an Application (which belongs to an account). The same is true for webhook events. Events are tied to resources in the API which are relational to your primary Dwolla account.

OK thanks for the link @spencer . I’ve read through this but I still don’t understand why the functionality for different “Applications” even exists if the data/events stay the same. Even the customer records don’t specify which application they were created with. How is this useful?

At the very least, I would expect the webhook endpoints to only receive events for the application they’re tied to, or some sort of option I can choose that makes this so.

Hey @dtj, that’s good feedback I’ll pass along to our Product team. Not a great answer, but the functionality for multiple applications is tied to our legacy product. This will likely change in 2021 to fit our current product and the usage you describe.