Multiple Applications behavior

(Yakovivanov) #1

Hey, Spencer!

I’ve created multiple applications that I’m using with the UAT environment, separate app Ids, security tokens, etc. I’m registering separate webhooks subscriptions with each app. I’m creating customers and starting a transfer using one application, however I’m getting the webhooks all over the two applications I’ve registered. Some webhooks are received by the subscription of the other application. Is this behavior by design? What’s a good way to isolate webhooks/customers/?

Appreciate your input!

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @yakovivanov, Since Customers belong to the Dwolla account that creates them then your application should get events related to these Customers. Because it’s this way by design, it may be easiest to only have one application that handles all events. What was your intent with creating multiple applications? Were you looking to process certain events differently based on the event topic? (customers, funding sources, etc.)