Automated Testing

Continuing the discussion from Deactivating Suspended Customers in Sandbox:

So I’ve replied to a thread with this questions but was probably buried so I wanted to start a new topic for it. What is everyone doing for automated testing since we can’t delete users on a sandbox?

Email is the limiting factor here, if you can’t delete user you would need to have your script use a different email address every-time you run through regression (If using something like Selenium).

The other option is to create a new sandbox for each run through however that seem rather manual.

Thanks in advance.

Is anyone using automated user tests in their environments?

Hi @Vinyield – this is perhaps not the answer you’re looking for, but if Selenium supports it, one way to get around the unique email validation would be by creating multiple accounts with the same email by using an alias, like so,

Hope that helps!

Well, it’s definitely easier than creating a new email address. It’s a possibility.

Is there a way to spin up a new sandbox environment in an automated fashion?

Hi @Vinyield – there isn’t. It will have to be done through the Sandbox sign-up flow.