Deactivating Suspended Customers in Sandbox

I created a suspended customer in sandbox mode for the email and now I can’t create another customer with the same email. Is there any way to un-suspend or deactivate this Dwolla customer or delete the Dwolla customer without talking to support? This is in sandbox mode so is there a workaround or do I have to contact support?

Hi @Blane_Townsend, it is possible that the suspended flag might not have worked when creating this Customer.

Would you be able to confirm that this was a Personal Verified Customer which you creating to simulate a the suspended status? Simulating these verification statuses are only supported for Verified Customer types and not for receive-only and unverified Customers. Also, would you be able to post the Customer ID here for a quick look on my end?


Removed the line "The email of a Customer in a suspended status should be free to use to create a different Customer account. "

The correction is “Suspending a Customer account does not free up the email address to create a new Customer with.”

Yes it is a Personal Verified Customer here is the customer id:

Hi @Blane_Townsend, apologies for the wrong information earlier! Correction: A Customer in suspended status doesn’t actually free up their email address. This is because the Customer isn’t deactivated and is still in a suspended status until further action is taken.

To answer your second question from the original post, there isn’t a way in Sandbox to programmatically un-suspend a Customer. You would have to contact support to have it deactivated or un-suspended. I can deactivate the above Customer (ID: a4f3b27e-aabd-4bb4-b530-1636c2e13666) so that you can continue with creating another Customer under the same email. You can choose to reactivate the Customer account via the API or the Dashboard at anytime.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Ok, thank you for deactivating that customer.