Bank Account Statement

Is it possible to get account statement of the bank account connected to DWOLLA. My requirement is to get the account transaction history of the account connected. I wanna get the transactions that wasn’t done through dwolla as well…

Hi @Nirmal_Ghosh – I’m afraid it isn’t possible via Dwolla to retrieve statements of an attached bank account. This would have to be accomplished outside of Dwolla.

Are you familiar with . It uses round-ups system on the customer’s bank account. They monitor the account and whenever the customer spends money on something they gather the spare change and adds it to a virtual account. I would like to know if monitoring a bank account is possible with dwolla ?

Yes – while Dwolla doesn’t support monitoring a bank account’s transactions, our partner Plaid does! Our partnership with Plaid enables you to authenticate banks account via Plaid and add them as Dwolla funding-sources to Customer accounts via a tokenized solution. Along with bank account authentication, Plaid offers other functionalities such as balance check, historical transaction check, etc. We see a lot of out Clients use Plaid for these added functionalities.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you come across any further questions!
Find out more about our tokenized solution with Plaid in our docs.