Transaction List API Response

Hello Team !
Please help me to resolve the following points:

  1. Whenever transaction is done either from customer’s plaid verified bank/Dwolla balance funding source to master Dwolla Balance funding source the transaction list API response shows the transferred amount as credited and debited for the customer. But in the Dwolla sandbox dashboard the amount is shown as debited for the same customer which is correct and I too require the same result through API. How can I achieve this ?

  2. Also how I get the customers plaid verified bank funding source transaction list through Dwolla API instead of directly talking to Plaid API . I am only interested in bank transactions which is happening within the Dwolla network.

  3. Can we get plaid verified bank funding source balance using Dwolla API .

Please suggest. Looking forward to hear from you soon.


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Hi @Ankit-Kumar!

  1. Would you mind sharing examples of this? Specifically the API showing the transfer as both debited and credited to the Customer? This should only be the case for me-to-me transfers between two banks that belong to the same Customer.

  2. There are two ways you could accomplish this:

  • Retrieve a list of all transactions for a Customer, then process the result to filter transactions based on the funding-source used.
  • Every time a transaction is created in Dwolla using a particular funding-source, relate that transfer to that funding-source in your database. Then use the database for generating any reports.
  1. This is not currently supported.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you if you have any questions!