Can Business Verified Customers send funds without beneficial ownership verification/certification?

The “Create a Business Verified Customer” FAQ has this entry:

Q: My Business Verified Customer is verified and my Beneficial Owners are verified but they cannot send funds. Why is this?
A: Your Customer will need to certify beneficial ownership information before your Customer will be eligible to send funds.

So am I right in thinking that it’s insufficient to check if Business Verified Customer has verified status to determine if they can send funds to another Business Verified Customer or master account?

If so would I then be right in thinking that before I let them send I need to check the following:

  1. Customer status is verified
  2. If Customer _links.beneficial-owners exists, then also check:
    • Customer’s beneficial owners all have verificationStatus == verified
    • Customer’s beneficial ownership status == certified


Okay dusting off the Dwolla cobwebs in my brain and doing a little more looking, I now see it looks like I can determine if a Business Verified Customer is “fully verified” and can send funds just by looking just at the customer record, without having to retrieve the related beneficial owners and beneficial ownership.

Could you tell me if this is right?

  • Customer status is verified
  • Customer _links does not contain verify-beneficial-owners
  • Customer _links does not contain certify-beneficial-ownership

Hey @abe – that’s correct; you can tell via those links in the Customer resource if they’re eligible to send funds or not! Thanks for posting an update with what you found!