Regarding verifying business verified customer via API

My Question

  1. Could you please confirm in which business type real estate brokerages relate in the US
  • Corporation
  • LLCs
  • LLP

or they will also Sole proprietorships?

  1. Do I need to add/verify beneficial ownership for a Corporate type customer if the customer is in Document Status?

or I will check the customer links if a link exists for a beneficial owner then I will only add beneficial ownership ?

  1. As I check Dwolla Drop-in Components for Personal Verified customers here -

Do you guys have drop-in-components for Business Verified customers also?

It ultimately depends on the business structure of the real estate brokerage and can be any one of these three.

Ultimately if the business is required to add beneficial owners then you’d want to display a form to collect this information from the end user setting up the Customer account. Adding/verifying Beneficial Owners is done in addition to performing verification on the Customer itself (which includes the business entity and Controller). I’d refer to the developer guide on creating a business Verified Customer for more information on the requirements behind onboarding this Customer type.

We don’t currently, but it is something we’re actively working on adding support for within the next month!