Can I create a Verified Customer Account from Dwolla Dashboard?

I want to know if we can create a Verified Customer Account from Dwolla Dashboard by filling up details on behalf of our customers

Hi @siddharth.seksaria , This was mentioned briefly in this thread, however, we don’t support creating Verified Customer Accounts via the Dashboard.

Dwolla’s product is white labeled in nature, which means all of the interaction with regards to payments will happen via your platform/application. There are various requirements involved in onboarding this user type, including having your end-user agree to the Dwolla TOS and Privacy Policy that is presented with your UI. The account creation piece must be done by the end-user by submitting details via a form on your web or mobile app, which is then captured and sent to Dwolla via our API. Thus, details can’t just be submitted to Dwolla on behalf of the end-user, but the end-user must perform the action themselves via your web or mobile application.