Cannot delete webhook subscription

I am trying to rotate the client key used for our developer sandbox and want to delete a webhook subscription so I can also delete the old client. I am able to pause/un-paused my subscription, but I get a ‘NotFound’ response when attempting to call the DELETE endpoint.

Webhoook ID: c67eb318-6cf2-4891-b3f4-ff6866a4060c

Hi @Aaron_Miller , Looking at our logs, it appears you might be attempting the DELETE with the new credentials (different app). Could you retry this request after generating an access token that’s associated with the old app?

Thank you for the response Spencer.

That appears to have been the issue because I was able to successfully delete it with the old app credentials. This did not occur to me as a potential issue since I was able to submit POST requests against the same webhook id to pause / un-pause with the new app credentials. Perhaps I missed it in the documentation somewhere but if it’s not there then might be something worth considering. Anyway, thanks again for the help.


Apologies for the confusion, we’ll get this information added to our documentation!